Vendor Spotlight: Introducing Doug Mackie from Omnivent, Inc

by Danielle Pasternak on 11-03-2011 in Q & A

Contributed by our Good friend Danielle Pasternak

Almost a year ago, I received a phone call from this crazy guy. He was totally over-the-top, super energetic and had passion for his work coming through the phone. Almost a year later, I have seen him perform several times in his band, UUU, and can tell you that he does an amazing job at transforming a room from dull to delicious. Delicious? Sorry, I needed a word to compliment dull.

Anyway, enjoy the quick chat we had and learn more about Doug Mackie. An all-around good guy with some great advice and crazy talent.

Ok, so who are you?

Hi! My name is Douglas Mackie owner of Omnivent, Inc. production services. We are located in Easton, Pennsylvania and have a satellite shop in Hawthorn, New Jersey with partner, Jim Bonkonsky, under the name JB Lighting. Omnivent was formed in PA to accommodate PA events, weddings and concerts, as well as lighting installations for clubs and venues. Besides being a full service lighting company, we also have an audio division and a video division. All of our professional staff are veterans of the NY Area Concert and Event Industry, who know how to handle any situation you can throw at them and give the best performance possible.

Who or what got your started in the event industry?

My Brother, Brad C. Mackie, started a lighting company in the early 80′s, and I worked with him for many years. We began in a garage in Union, New Jersey, and did many shows in the NY/NJ area. He eventually went on to be a great lighting designer, doing many TV productions and concerts. I was lucky enough to learn my trade from him. On many shows I would work very close with him and learn under his wing how to light any show, in many trying situations. I also learned the way the music business worked and how the production business made it’s bones. I spent my time in Madison Square Garden and the Beacon Theatre (among many other places) accommodating some of the biggest artists on the planet, and working with their LD’s and crews – Sting, John Mayer, DMB, Lionel Richie, Sinead O’Connor, Squeeze, Rolling Stones, etc. etc. etc. I was doing television and events for Google, Dodge Trucks, Styx, Paul Simon, MMA and Comcast. When my Brother passed away, I was heartbroken, and left the business to find my new direction. It took me a while, but I realized I missed doing lighting. The creation of Omnivent Inc was me healing from the loss of my brother and getting back to something I love to do.

We all know that some DJ’s and rental companies are also offering uplighting packages. What makes your company unique?

Omnivent is a lighting company. We look deeper than just uplighting and offer other and sometimes superior lighting ideas. We work with our clients to create custom atmospheres that will define a space, not just highlight the walls. Uplighting is nice, but it’s a very easy prospect. It’s the base of an event lighting package. There are plenty of other techniques that can yield even better results. It depends on the situation.

Since Omnivent also does concerts and special events, we own many pro quality lighting instruments that are used by the big boys in the real music and event world.

We have instruments created to do many situations. We also have design technology to visually be able to see what we are doing, long before we hit the venue. And since the gear is ours, on our shelves, we can offer it and our service at an extremely competitive price.

I know for some vendors, a few uprights can be the deal maker in the wedding business. The problem is instrument choice and deployment. To put a few low output, non-pro fixtures out, and not really focus and be picky about placement would not satisfy me.

And to be honest, DJ’s and party suppliers spend their money on DJ gear and party supplies. Their budget is not dedicated to lighting or the craft of lighting. Our’s is. We spend thousands of dollars to keep up with our clients.

But let’s not diminish DJ’s. The smarter DJ’s are my best customers! They know they can rent superior gear from us, and sell their customers a very top-end lighting package at a reasonable price.

Besides weddings, do you do other types of events?

Omnivent, Inc. supplies lighting and gear for plays, television, commercials concerts, corporate events, sales meetings and, of course, weddings. Pretty much anywhere you can think of putting some lights. We also sell design services and installation packages.

And all of our crew work in the buisness of designing and tech-ing lighting rigs.

There is no job too big or too small for us.

What is your favorite part about transforming a room?

If I had to pick one, it would be the customer experience. I like giving my customer the chance to dream up the look they want and then executing it. For example, one customer wanted his ballroom gala to feel like a winter wonderland. He wanted to feel like he was outside in the snow, but still have a regal, almost Disney-esque feel to the room. Our job was to take this plain ballroom and see it transform into a vision of winter and ice, and still keep a regal and magical feel to it.

Thats the best part for me. Having a customer gasp in awe at the vibe we created for them. It is magic come to life.

Besides Omnivent, what are some of your other hobbies/interests?

I am quite the driven type. I get very fidgety when I am not involved in some project or venture. I enjoy letting the creative juices flow and creating things. Quality things. I don’t like second place much. I like to go the extra mile and make a difference.

UUU is one of those things. A band I have been the lead guitarist in since 1993, and to this day is still very successful in the clubs, commanding large shows and many loyal fans. UUU has played over 4000 shows in 9 states, and still packs them in. My band mates are the best, and the talent they have is well above most.

My newest project is a children’s act I created, that is doing quite well. MR GUYS is a multi media children’s entertainment that is starting to break out and get bigger. We have done many resort shows and special appearances, and have a record and DVD in the works. Again, some very talented people are in the MR GUYS family.

I also love to scuba dive, surf and love good food.

For a look at these things on the web… and Check them out, I hope you enjoy them.

Whether you’re single, married, divorced, widowed… we all have advice when it comes to relationships. What is your advice to couples tying the knot?

As a happily married man of 10.5 years, and a dad, my only advice to anyone getting married is to think. You are hopefully marrying this person for the rest of your life. Think about what you want out of your marriage, and this person you are marrying, and make sure you agree on the way to support and live with each other. My wife rocks! Being super successful at her job, and a great Mom – she is my ace. She also deals very well with my crazy music and creative life. Long ago we made one deal. No matter what we did, where we were going, we would always have time for just us. So we make time. We share our lives. When we had our son, we added him to our little circle and made our time, family time.

So think! It makes a huge difference. Marriage can be a very energetic, fun and rewarding time, but it can (and I have seen it) be the worst torture. THINK!

Alright, time for some ”show and tell.” Let’s see the pictures!

Finally, how can a bride and groom (or anyone) get in touch with you?

Omnivent Inc would love to help you create atmosphere at your next event.

Contact us at 908.400.4494

and Omnivent Inc on Facebook.

I look forward to speaking with you. And thanks to Danielle, this was a lot of fun.

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