Today we’re talking about peeing. Yep, peeing. In a wedding gown.

by Danielle Pasternak on 02-18-2013 in Q & A

Submitted by our Good Friend Danielle Pasternak

Alright Bravo fans, do we all remember the episode of Bethenny Getting Married where SkinnyGirl Bethenny Frankel has to pee right before her ceremony. So with the help of her Maid of Honor and not-so-hot wedding planner, she ends up lifting the dress and peeing in a garbage can.

Peeing on your wedding day.

While you may or may not be pregnant on your wedding day, like Bethenny, I can guarantee you that you WILL have to pee several times throughout your day. Here are my tips on that. Yes, my official tips on peeing.

01. Start drinking a healthy amount of water in the MONTHS leading up to your wedding day. This will allow your body to adjust to drinking a lot of water. If you just start drinking a lot of water in the week leading up to it (because it’s GREAT for your skin and pictures) then you’ll be peeing a LOT.

02. Plan it into your day if you can. Your nerves, and therefore your body, is going to be going in a lot of directions on your wedding day. Plan your bathroom trips into your day to avoid holding it during your ceremony.

a. Pee after the ceremony. Once your formals have wrapped at your ceremony, steal a moment with your girls (or your new spouse) and make a bathroom trip. This is also a good time to check the hair and make-up before you head off for more photos. Please keep in mind that if you are doing pictures at a park, there might not be bathrooms that will work for the women. Even if there are porta-potties, a ballgown may not fair well in there. And I say women because we all know guys can pee anywhere. It’s really not fair.

b. Pee towards the end of cocktail hour. Usually, at the end of cocktail hour, you’ll line up for your introductions which will usually lead to your first dance, possible your parent’s dances, toasts, blessings and dinner. If you gotta go, it’s gonna be a long time until you can sneak away again.

c. Pee after dinner. Once your enjoy your delicious meal, I recommend grabbing your gals again and hitting the loo. Cake cutting will likely be coming up soon followed by “off-da-chain” dancing, so get it in so you can enjoy the rest of your night.

03. Have a plan and don’t be afraid to ask for help. I hate to say it, but this is part of being a bridesmaid. These are your friends and family and one day I’m sure you’ll be returning the favor. Trying to do it alone (unless your dress is fairly tamable) may end up with pieces IN the toilet and frustrated pulling on panty hose.

04. When possible, let your planner/DJ/whomever is running the show know that you are exiting for a moment. A great planner will have a third eye on you and your spouse all night – eh-hem – but just in case, let the guy/gal running the show know that you are stepping out for a moment so that they aren’t announcing you’re going to toss your bouquet or dance with your Dad while you’re nowhere to be found. Makes for an awkward re-entrance.

Again, these are not rules or must-do’s. Just suggestions and tips. And oh yeah, I went there.


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