6 Questions to ask ALL Wedding Professionals..

by on 06-07-2011

6 Questions to ask ALL Wedding Professionals..

So your planning or helping plan a wedding and aren’t quite sure what to ask your potential vendors. No problem! Below is a list of a few questions that you should ask any Wedding professional you are interested in hiring, however in most cases, your professional will most likely answer all these questions before you have to ask it’s always a good thing to be prepared so I thought I would write down a few questions that stick out in my mind for you to ask..

1) How many weddings do you do per year and how much experience do you have? This question is a two part question becuase  you ideally want your wedding professional to have the experience needed for your wedding and also you want to know your day will go smoothly and they will take complete control. As for experience, every person is different, you will get different answers from every professional with different prices to go along with them. My best advice, 5 year minimum experience with LOADS of references if they are under 5-8 years so you can ask past clients about performance, appearance etc.

2) How much do you cost?Again, price is going to be relative depending on question #1, reputation, equipment, etc. The average in the Lehigh Valley for a Wedding Disc Jockey is around $700-$800. Remember, that is the average. You have companies that will charge $500 which are less reputable and less experienced to the companies that charge $1,800 +.  The key is, do not buy on price alone for any wedding professional. Go with your gut, personality, appearance, experience and overall qualities before making any decisions.

3) What is included in the cost? You should be given a complete handout of what is included in every package, every arrangement, every item you are looking to buy. Make sure you get written or typed quotes itemized on letterhead to make it easier to understand when trying to make your final decision. *Remember* Every vendor is different, one vendor may offer something different in their package opposed to another. Weigh the differences and decide which package and vendor best suits your needs and vision.

4) What Happens If I Cancel?Find out if they have refundable deposits or if your deposit is transferable for 1 calender year from the original date. Every professional always has some sort of backup plan if something were to happen to them.. ask!

5) Are There Any Addition Fees? Taxes, service charges, travel fees anything of that nature can add up quickly and should have been presented in the itemized price quote you wanted. Make sure you understand exactly what is included and if you don’t.. ask questions! Remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question.

6) Do You Carry Liability Insurance? You want this answer to be a YES whenever possible especially with your entertainment. This will protect you in the case of an emergency or unfortunate accident. It also helps the reputable businesses stand out from the fly by night operations.

Obviously there is more questions to ask than just the 6 I mentioned above but the bottom line is, if you choose wisely, your wedding vendors will give you expert advice and knowledge while guiding you to your overall goal… the perfect wedding.

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