Is it necessary to have wedding programs at our ceremony?

by Danielle Pasternak on 06-08-2011

Is it necessary to have wedding programs at our ceremony?


A common question I get as a coordinator is “How do I know if I’m supposed to have programs for my ceremony??”

There are two questions you need to answer first.

First, how long is your ceremony?

If you are planning a quick ceremony (less than 20 minutes) it is unlikely you’ll need programs, unless you want to relay a specific message or list the bridal party. Anything that involves readings, extended religious or cultural aspects, or goes on for longer 30 minutes should have a program. This will help you guests follow along and understand what is going on if they are unfamiliar with your customs.

And second, will your budget allow it?

Throughout your entire planning process, it’s important to keep a third-eye on the budget. Prioritizing is key. But I will stress that if you are having a longer ceremony (longer than 30 minutes), it is very hospitable to your guests. And there are simple (and by simple, I mean affordable) ways that a ceremony can be made, whether it be professionally or on your own home printer.


Danielle Pasternak


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