Something I want the wedding world to get away from

by Danielle Pasternak on 06-16-2011 in Q & A

Something I want the wedding world to get away from

Contributed by our friend Danielle Pasternak. 

I always try to keep things positive here, but this is something that gets under my skin. It’s definitely a small something, but I still felt the need to blog about it apparently.

Before I go there, watch this father/daughter dance that was posted on GigMasters yesterday.


Now, as you watched this cute dance between a bride and her dad, did you notice the bridal party standing awkwardly in the background in front of the band? What is that about???? In so many weddings recently, the band leader has told the bridal party that after they are announced they are to stand in front of the band. WHY???

Some have told me that it makes for a great photo opp. Well, nothing kills a photo more than a bridesmaid or groomsman standing awkwardly, holding their bouquet, staring off into space. Not to say that they won’t be into watching your first dance, or your parent’s dance, but it can potentially be three minutes of you and your partner rocking back and forth. Eventually, they’re going to start day dreaming about that amazing dinner they’re about to eat or complaining about how much their feet hurt – just saying.

Others have told me that it gets rid of that random moment when the bridal party is actually looking for their seat. Well, no matter what, the bridal party will eventually have to sit down. Point them in the direction of their table and they will figure it out, I guarantee you.

Alright, so now that I’ve had my soap box moment, can we move away from this crazy thought?

Have a fabulous day everyone!


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