Omnivent Wedding and Production Services

Omnivent Wedding and Production Services
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Omnivent Inc. Atmosphere: is the culmination of many elements to create an overall aesthetic effect. To create an aura or air, or to define a mood. For all successful events, this is created by a strong design of lighting and sound , colour and vibrations, subtle and bold. Omnivent is well schooled in the art of creating an atmosphere or vibe for any occasion. Whether the solemness of a wedding or the power of a business function or the party atmosphere of a gala event, Omnivent will help you, our client, realize your vision, and execute it flawlessly. With the adept use of technology, and the creative skill of our designers, Omnivent can provide an unparralled look and mood to your event. Our years of tech experience, along with our customer service is the guide with which we communicate and create a custom atmosphere in a style commensurate with our clients wishes. We work closely with your event planner, to work ideas into your custom arrangements, and to provide seamless integrations with all your functions amenities. Our professional, courteous manner is second only to our client’s complete satisfaction. NY Style CEO and Lead Designer Douglas Mackie. “ I have worked in the NY production scene for over 20 years. I have designed and created fashion shows, concerts, gala dinners, private weddings and pretty much any type of show in between, for clients big and small. The one thing all my clients have always had in common is an atmosphere that needs to be captured and refined so that the guest feels like they have entered whatever type of mood the client is trying to project. If it is a business function, guests should feel the aura of power, the branding, the vibe of the product or point the company is trying to make. If it is a wedding, you should feel the softness and magic of the special commitment of the couple. It made no difference if it was Madison Square Garden or a private room at Trump Towers, the recipe is still the same. Create the atmosphere that precipitates the vision of our clients . As a new resident of the Lehigh Valley, I am looking forward to working with new clients here, and bringing some of my NY styling to my new hometown.” Omnivent Inc. We are proud providers of professional Lighting and Sound, Softgoods , Custom Branding and labor. Bring Omnivent into your event planning and you can guarantee a unique and creative look into the atmosphere you are looking to create. We welcome the chance to work with you.

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